Funerals are expensive - but they don’t need to be. Due to the rising cost of funerals and a change in social trends, many people are increasingly opting for a ‘Direct Cremation’. Not all local firms will offer this service, or promote that this funeral is an option, subtly pressuring families to have a traditional funeral, which incurs considerably more costs.

What is a Direct Cremation?
A direct cremation is a simple, dignified and lower cost alternative to a traditional funeral. A traditional funeral often includes use of a chapel of rest, a hearse, limousine and a crew of men tied up for hours. Many people still opt for traditional funerals, but if that’s not what you want - why pay for it?

With a direct cremation, the person who has died is taken into our care; we then complete relevant paperwork, provide a basic coffin and use a suitable funeral vehicle, often a private ambulance to transport the coffin to a local crematorium. There would be no funeral ceremony as only our staff will be present. The ashes can then be scattered at the crematorium or collected by the applicant for the cremation.

Why choose a direct cremation?
It’s the most cost effective way of cremating a body, often the best option for people who can’t afford traditional funerals, but not always. A direct cremation could save anywhere from £1,000 - £3,000

A notable change in social trends. Many celebrities have opted for direct cremations which have helped raise people’s awareness of what they entail. For others it feels unnecessary to hold a formal ceremony with lots of people present. Others opt to separate the disposal of the body from a memorial service, which may take place some time after the death occurred.

Our fee is £1450. What is included?

  Funeral director’s professional service charge (time, overheads and completion of relevant paperwork)
  Transfer of deceased (during office hours and from local hospitals)
  Care of the deceased until cremation
  Simple coffin
  Transport to the cremation - using a suitable funeral vehicle

Disbursements/Other costs involved

  Crematorium fee
  Doctor's fee

The Crematorium fee can vary from £574 - £900 depending on the crematorium chosen.

By law, we are required to have two doctors certify the cause of death and complete medical certificates before the cremation can take place. Each Doctor currently charges £82. If the coroner is involved, then the Doctor’s fee’s aren’t applicable.

Our dignified low cost service is currently available in most of London, Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire. Why not save money on your funeral?

Crematoriums covered include Slough, Mortlake, Woking, Hanworth, Guildford, Aldershot, Easthampstead Park.

Can we trust you?
Yes, simplefunerals4u is a website name, the business you are dealing with is Holmes & Family Ltd, a well respected and experienced family owned funeral director. We have offices in Staines, Sandhurst, Aldershot and Fleet. We are inspected by SAIF, The NAFD and are recommended by The Good Funeral Guide. Please visit our website at

But you could be miles away?
We can usually complete all paperwork by post if it’s more convenient for you.

How do we know it’s dignified?
We’re experienced funeral directors who arrange a wide range of funerals whether Traditional, Simple, Green or Direct, you can be assured that we will take proper care of the deceased and make sure everything goes smoothly.

We only use suitable almost new funeral vehicles of the highest specification for transferring the deceased from the place of death and to the crematorium. On the day of the cremation we will be there, the coffin will be moved to the catafalque by our trained funeral professionals with the utmost respect and dignity.

How do we pay?
You prepay us, by credit or debit card.

What next?
Telephone or email us, we can answer any questions you have and begin to get everything organised. .

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